Sanchez to Decide Future…
Alexis Sanchez has apparently said that where we finish in the league will determine whether he signs a new contract.

Bit ironic that his performances will determine where we finish really. Score 10 goals every game and we could still go unbeaten and win the league, so it’s over to you Alexis.

Always irks me when players do this, imagine a bricklayer resigning because the walls he built were all rubbish walls.

“Sorry boss, but those walls weren’t good enough, you’re not matching my ambitions with those rubbish old walls. I’m off to build some much nicer walls for more money somewhere else…”

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Bad to Worse…
The media seem to be loving kicking us while we’re down today. Saw on NewsNow, a 442 article ‘Why Everyone Hates Arsenal’ which involves a Spurs fan of all people coming up with 10 things he hates about Arsenal.

One of them is Piers Morgan however.

Koscielny Puts the Boot In…
…which is exactly what he should have done on Saturday when Hazard danced round our defence like they weren’t there… ahem, anyway…

Laurent Koscielny has been talking about the defeat by Chelsea last weekend, and said:
“I think we played certain players after others and I think we should have played more as a team and with much more movement. There was space, because they allowed us lots of space, after which they wanted to hit us on the counter…”

Koscielny added: “We must stay together, pick ourselves up and then the confidence and victories will come back.”

These comments have been used to say he’s having a go at Arsene Wenger, but clearly, it’s fair comment, let’s just hope we can buck this negative spiral, and follow most people’s football predictions and get back to winning ways against Hull this weekend.

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