Winter is definitely here and to help you keep warm we have decided to review the best Arsenal jackets for 2017, with pages and pages of Arsenal kit on Amazon it is hard to choose, so we have made this handy guide.

These Arsenal jackets made it onto our shortlist of the top 4 best Arsenal jackets for 2017. See our shirt review here too.

Why get an Arsenal Jacket?

Arsenal jackets have many uses, some people buy them to keep themselves warm, others see it as fashion and others actually use them for their own sports and football training. Personally I prefer a retro jacket, going back to the old days at Highbury, perhaps Adidas Originals was always my favourite, with the trefoil logo and there is some great retro stuff on eBay if you are interested.

If you want something more modern then Puma are our kit maker, let’s have a look at the best jackets on the market.

Puma Men’s Training Stadium Jacket – Black/Yellow

A slim-fit technical jacket, it’s well designed and in keeping with some of the more retro stadium jackets which Nike produced.

If you play football as well as watch it then this could be the jacket for you. A slim-fit jacket made of technical materials, its highly-functional fabrics provide you with durable, breathable protection against wind-chill (while helping you maintain your body temperature at a comfortable level), a technical stretch-mesh insert on the front shell and back shoulder supply ventilation and temperature control. It also features the standard Puma oversize zip, handy if Arsene Wenger buys one of these tops I’d imagine. If I bought this myself, perhaps I would actually go football training (before the pub of course). This jacket does look the part, with all the vents and technical material, however you do pay a bit more for this one, which is a negative.

Puma Men’s Stadium Jacket – Red/Blue

 A very smart jacket at a very good price, much more reasonable than the previous one. I have this myself, and its a bit like the old redcurrant and gold Nike retro top we had a couple of season back. It doesn’t have the funnel collar which is a shame, but I like the red zip, and overall this one definitely get a thumbs up from me. This top gets a couple of good reviews on Amazon, and does the job well. Not sure why it’s ‘high risk red’ though!

Puma Men’s Stadium Jacket – Red/Blue

The third jacket on our list also harks back to the Nike redcurrant and white retro stadium jacket, this time WITH the trendy funnel collar. This looks very similar to the Nike one, but back to red, blue and white, and I feel would have looked a lot better and could have been improved a LOT with white sleeves, red trim, and red body, would have been much more ‘Arsenal’, that just having the blue stripes down the sleeves. Note to Puma – get some fan input to some of these designs, this jacket with white sleeves would look amazing!

No reviews for this one yet, but my son has this jacket, and it’s a lovely jacket that he hardly ever takes off – only negative, is the zip is too easy to chew!

Puma Men’s Arsenal Stadium Jacket – Blue/White

Sometimes (i.e. after a typically Arsenal embarrassing defeat) you don’t want to wear red, so this one could mean you get away without getting stick while wearing it. However, for me, the blue and white is a bit Spursy on this one, but its a sharp looking jacket which won’t break the bank, another top at a reasonable price. This is another versatile top, would also look good with jeans and trainers yet could be used as a training top but perhaps not in the winter as this one is more of a tracksuit top, and a bit lighter than the others.

This jacket gets great 5 star reviews, the best of the lot so far (despite it being blue!):

  • Good quality sports jacket. Not heavy but perfect as a light jacket for spring / summer for an Arsenal fan.
  • Great value. Quite a big fit though. Long. However still a very good product
  • Lovely top son was over the moon with it
  • Great item would recommend this seller