Last season, we had a great chance to make up some ground on the, then league leaders Leicester (wait, what?) and 2nd place Tottenham (snigger!) with a nice, straightforward home game with Swansea. We went 1-0 up in that one, and Giroud hit the bar with a shot which, had it gone in, could have changed the course of history. However, the far too handsome Frenchman missed the target, and we ended up losing the game 2-1, courtesy of an Ashley Williams winner while both of the other sides lost that night. For any advice for the upcoming business end of the season, check out this site for free betting tips.

Now, last night, a win, could have meant, we were just six points behind Chelsea, who we play at the weekend, however, a shock defeat for them, and a nice, easy win for us, could have meant we were sat just TWO points off of Chelsea after Saturday lunchtime, should we do the unthinkable and beat them. As it was, Chelsea did drop points at Anfield, however, only two, not all three, thanks to a late penalty save from Migno-legend from Costa’s spot kick, the game ending 1-1.

Just meant that we had to win, to close that gap, so guess what we went and done, we lost. At home. Again. To Watford.

I seem to remember that game at The Emirates last year, and I remember Aaron Ramsey gesticulating to the Arsenal fans to get off his back, I also remember, him and Theo being utterly devoid of effort or ideas that night, and last night was very similar from most of our players. I am still too hacked off to do a proper report, but basically we were 2-0 down at half time, rallied to 1-2 with an Iwobi goal, then we switched things around, chasing the game, which had the opposite effect and our hope of equalising and winning the game were gone. Theo missed a few, Sanchez got selfish and tried doing it all himself, and as the time wore on, it became clear we were never going to win the game, or even draw, and we find ourselves in a very similar situation, compounded by the news that Aaron Ramsey is injured. Again. Cue Chris Coleman having a moan about our medical staff. Again.

Looking forward, we now have Bayern Munich coming up, along with visits to Stamford Bridge and Liverpool, however, we do have a fairly exciting, yet (you’d think) winnable FA Cup game at Sutton in there, but this all feels very familiar, our season imploding in the space of a week or two, leaving us to fight our way back to top four.

Rest assured however, if we start Saturday’s game at Chelsea like we did last night, we will be in line for another spanking from our historyless London neighbours, and our league season will be well and truly over, with the very real possibility that Spurs may not Spurs it up this season, and we could find ourselves missing out on the top four.

Come on Arsenal, sort it out.