Arsene Wenger needs to do something in the summer transfer window to ensure Arsenal are title contenders next season. They aren’t doing too bad in the league currently but Chelsea look to be running away with the title and it’s only the start of the second half of the season. Arsene has come under a lot of pressure from Arsenal fans in recent months and he will need to spend big in the summer transfer window to give Arsenal fans something to get excited about. There will of course be a couple of surprising exits for Arsenal players, and below we’ll have a look at some of the possible ins and outs come July/August.

Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin could be on his way out of the Emirates if Pep Guardiola gets his own way. The ex Barcelona Manager is believed to be an admirer of Hector’s and as any fan would know, if the offer is right for an Arsenal player, they will likely sell them to anybody, even if that is to their rivals Manchester City. Manchester City have purchased plenty of Arsenal players over the years and even though Hector has recently been offered a new deal by Arsene Wenger, he could still find himself playing for Manchester City next season if the price is right.

It’s uncertain what the cost of Bellerin will be, but if Virgil Van Dijk has been valued at £40 million, it would be hard to see how Hector Bellerin wouldn’t go for roughly the same price, if not a lot more. It’s clear Pep Guardiola is having defensive problems at Manchester City and a good right back in Hector Bellerin will solve that issue straight away. Bellerin has the quality to play for any top club in the world, so even if Manchester City did offer him a good deal, he could still get offers from the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona thanks to his pace.

Alvaro Morata

Morata is apparently not happy playing for Spanish giants Real Madrid these days as Benzema is the preferred starting choice for Zinedine Zidane. Recent rumours even suggest Morata has fallen out with Real Madrid owner because of his attitude at not being in the starting line up. This is Morata’s second stint at Real Madrid after being brought back from Juventus after two seasons away, but if he leaves Real Madrid in the summer that will surely be for the last time. Arsene is a big admirer of Morata and another striker is exactly what Arsenal need to take their title chasing dreams to the next level next season.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

It’s rumoured that Aubameyang could find himself playing in the Premier League as early as next summer. Borrusia Dortmund will not want to sell their star player, but they would be willing to listen to any serious offers. Arsenal aren’t the sort of club to spend stupid money on players, and the price of Aubameyang will likely set them back £70-£80 million, but if they were interested in his services he would be the player that could finally seal them the Premier League title next season. Arsenal have been looking for a world class striker for years now and Aubameyang could fit the bill if Arsenal were willing to stump up the cash.

Will any of the above players leave or join Arsenal in the summer? Have a look at these bookmaker reviews to find a bookmaker that could give you the best odds on the summer transfer targets for Arsenal this season. Will Arsenal be able to keep hold of Bellerin if the price is right? Or will he end up playing for Manchester City like a lot of other ex Arsenal players do? We can be sure Arsene is going to spend some money in the summer, and the money they get from Bellerin would certainly give them more options.