Are you the ultimate sports fan? Do you have what it takes to take your team commitment to the next level? Read below to find out.

Attend every home game and possibly even the away games. Yea, it might give your work schedule a beating and your boss might be annoyed that you come in late, leave early, and then come in again hungover… but it’s all for the love of the sport, right? You can always find another job, but you can’t find another team to love. And please, don’t scalp. If you need help keeping up with the demands of the home schedule, check out these American Express promo codes and gift cards.

Buy the apparel… all of it. Cover yourself from head to toe in all things your team. Even the things you can’t see (yes, we are talking about your undergarments) should be covered in the logo of your team. How else can you support them? If you’re worried about money, don’t worry, we have you covered. You can rely on the great people at American Express to hook you up with gift cards and promo codes to buy exactly what you need.

Make everyone else around you super uncomfortable for not liking the same team as you and remind them over and over again why your team is superior to theirs. Okay, so this is a joke (sort of) but we have all been around those types of fans who refuse to believe any other team eve deserves to breathe the same air as theirs. If you are this person, chances are people are probably pretty annoyed with you and that’s why no one attends any of your tailgates or parties. It’s okay, this just means you are the ultimate fan, but maybe tone it down just a bit.

It takes more than just pride to be a diehard sports fan. It takes some serious responsibility, too.