It came as a shock to me when the final whistle went at Manchester City last night, and that we had somehow lost the game, however, no one played well so we got what we deserved, and when the player with the most passes is your keeper, you know it’s been a very bad day at the office.

From being top last weekend, we are now currently fourth (of course) in the league table just behind Liverpool on goal difference, they play Everton tonight and in a strange twist of fate, we could actually go third should they lose.

It now looks like our best player of the season, Alexis Sanchez is now fed up with our two recent bad performances, and you have to wonder whether he’s starting to dream of a move away from The Emirates, same goes for Mesut Ozil, and even Arsene Wenger!

I personally think Wenger need to go all out during the transfer window to bring some quality attackers to boost the front line and give us more options as we come to terms with injuries once again.

The poor performance against Manchester City yesterday also made Chelsea ‘legend’ Michael Ballack mock us on Twitter.

This is now very frustrating and I feel that all of the blame should be laid at Arsene Wenger’s feet as he failed to get Mahrez during the transfer window, fingers crossed the Frenchman can turn things around, and quickly.