Arsenal fans: November wasn’t too bad in the end, didn’t lose and we had 2 hard games and Spurs.
November: Hold my beer… 

A familiar story, games which aren’t on (UK) TV, midweek, against teams we should beat, end in a defeat. So many midweek games, Swansea last season being my least favourite. Last night, well let’s be honest, apart from a day out at Wembley, it’s not our favourite competition is it?

Elneny started despite being sick before the game(!), Xhaka came on for the Egyptian, Carl Jenkinson has been slated for his scruffy performance, while no one seems to have come out of the game with any praise, so time to draw a line under the League Cup for another season. Let’s not even mention Aaron Ramsey’s performance, ahem, anyway, if you had to pick a player for our MOTM, it would be our keeper, which says it all. It’s a trophy that, unless you win it, it’s definitely Mickey Mouse.

Anyway, we were poor, Southampton were better, and as we got better late on in the second half, the clock got faster, the Ox got missier with a chance which could have spurred (sorry) us on to a rallying comeback, but it wasn’t to be. Well done Southampton, who now join Liverpool, Man United and Hull City in the semis, with a likely meeting between Liverpool and Manchester United in the final, although let’s hope not.

Anyway, line drawn and back to the league on Saturday night with a visit to West Ham, kick off at 5:30pm.