With Jack Wilshere unavailable for Bournemouth this weekend, it’s about time we watched his beautiful goal against Norwich from 2013 once again. This has to be the best team goal in the Premier League ever, I guarantee you won’t be able to watch it just once.

This goal had everything, passing, movement, pace  – the Norwich players all looked like they wanted to applaud at the end, they realised, like us, they’d just witnessed something very special indeed that day, and not just that Wilshere had scored in consecutive games for the first time.

The game ended 4-1 and we were top of the league, 2 points clear of Chelsea, Jack’s goal on 13 minutes, then Mesut Ozil grabbed two goals, and Aaron Ramsey also got on the scoresheet.

As you know, we didn’t win the league that season, but we did win the FA Cup. Tottenham didn’t win anything AT ALL, and haven’t won the league since 1961, thats some 66 years, but they did win the League Cup nearly 10 years ago and that, ladies and gentlemen, definitely counts.