According to several reports today, Arsene Wenger submitted a €60m bid for Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang according to this report on the African Football website.

A deal for Aubameyang was not even entertained by the German giants at that price, and they said this week that:

“If at some point there really is an offer of €100 million or €120 million for him, then we will discuss it.”

The news comes fresh after the revelation from Julian Draxler yesterday that his moved to Arsenal was also blocked by his club.

It seems as though Arsene Wenger really was ready to spend big (but not stupid) to land a striker this summer after being rejected by Jamie Vardy early in the window (Vardy doesn’t like to talk about it though so you may not have heard about it from him).

The impact of the striker we DID signs remains to be seen, despite not being as big a name as Aubameyang and Draxler, Arsene Wenger has the skills to turn Lucas Perez into a bigger striker than them both.

The Spaniard, along with Olivier Giroud, is being kept out by Alexis Sanchez, who Wenger has shifted into the middle this season, a move which is paying off to say the least so it seems like both men will have to fight hard to stay in Wenger’s up front plans.