ArsenalShorts is probably one of the longest running Arsenal sites out there, with news going back all the way to 2004. I also had another Arsenal site before that, ArseOnLine, which stretched back to when Tim Berners-Lee launched the internet in 1998, and fresh off the back of Arsenal’s double winning season, my blog or ‘website’ as it was know then, was born only to be bought out by a season later, and then ArsenalShorts was born.

The site is called ArsenalShorts as the idea is to save you trawling through the same old stories across all of the various papers and websites, you come here and six days later, you read all about the stories in succinct little nuggets, or … ‘shorts’.

The site has seen many changes over the years, and been headline news on one occasion, with the made up news that Didier Baptiste from Sky One’s Dream Team was to be Arsene Wenger’s next signing.

Many news outlets (i.e. all the papers) didn’t research the story and copied it without thinking, and I found myself on the front page of The Daily Star, with a hoax story being reported as the order of the day. Few journalists with red faces that week! Oops!

Anyway, we have a new writer on board, employed over the past few weeks, so hopefully the site will go from strength to strength and one day might even be as good as ArseBlog.

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Thanks for reading, reader(s)…