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Arsenal fixtures moved for TV

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Sky and BT have put their great big size 11’s into everyone’s nice tidy fixture lists and moved a whole bunch of stuff around like the charlatans they are.

We have had four of our opening few games moved for TV as Unai Emery looks to settle into English football with a nice easy pair of opening games against Man City at home, then Chelsea away, both now to be screened live.

The rearranged fixtures are:

  • Arsenal v Manchester City, now Sunday, August 12th, was originally Saturday, August 11th, kick-off at 4pm, live on Sky Sports.
  • Chelsea v Arsenal, now Saturday, August 18th, with a 5:30pm kick-off instead of the original 3pm, live on BT Sport.
  • Cardiff City v Arsenal, now Sunday, September 2nd, was originally Saturday, September 1st with a 1:30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports.
  • Arsenal v Everton, now Sunday, September 23rd was Saturday, September 22nd with a 4pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports.

You can sync all these fixtures to your calendar by clicking here, means when Sky and BT mess about with kick-off times and dates, your calendar will automatically update itself. Cool huh?

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