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Fans react to how Emery cryptically insulted Mourinho before move

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Arsenal announced Unai Emery as the new Manager this week and things have already started coming out about his past relationships with other Managers. The latest is a good one for Arsenal fans but not one Jose Mourinho or Manchester United fans will love to hear about.

Emery was former Valencia coach when Mourinho was with Real Madrid, and it was 2010 while taking charge of a game as Valencia coach when his team came up against Real Madrid, which the Los Blancos won 1-0. However, the result was not enough for Mourinho and he launched a verbal attack on the referee.

The Portuguese Manager complained about 14 errors the referee, Carlos Clos Gomez had supposedly made and waved the slip of paper around that he had written those errors on after the game. This left Emery flummoxed after that game and said some scathing comments about Jose Mourinho after the incident.

“Mourinho’s stance is that of a crybaby,” said Emery as quoted by The Mirror. “We [all] have reasons to draw up a list with errors and to make a public complaint for every time we have been adversely affected, but we don’t.”

Those were the comments that resurfaced immediately after he joined Arsenal on Wednesday and many are gearing up for a new rivalry again in England between the pair. Many Arsenal fans were happy about this comment and took to social media to express their delight about having a Manager who could talk back to Mourinho and would not take his childish nonsense.

Obviously, these are just old exchanges between the two coaches and we are expecting more of this when the season officially kicks off in August, with Emery continuing on where Wenger left off.

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