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Bad to worse. Arsenal charged.

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After last nights Munich debacle, UEFA have poured yet more misery upon us, opening up disciplinary proceedings after someone invaded the pitch, late during the game.

Munich fans are also in trouble, after throwing toilet rolls on the pitch as a nod to Spurs amazing capitulation in the hunt for a Champions League place in 2006. You may remember most of their squad had food poiso— oh, wait, no they were protesting against high ticket prices. However, not sure why as it costs them 50p a week to watch their club, as everyone is so keen to tell us every bloody week along with their stupid, amazing beer and their stupid, amazing beer being able to be drunk while watching their stupid, amazing team win every stupid week.

Anyway back to us, and apparently the incident occurred in the 88th minute, an intruder invading the pitch between their 4th and 5th goals.

Shame they’re not that eagle-eyed about spotting their dodgy match officials terrible decisions.


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