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Ahhh, Doom and Gloom, there you are...

Everton 3-0 Arsenal...
I have to admit, I thought we'd turn up for this game. With Rambo on his way back, though clearly not 100% fit, I thought that would serve as a decent boost for the squad, but no, we were well and duly hammered away at our nearest rivals. The result and poor performance leaves us still 4th, just, a point ahead of Everton having played a game more. All we can hope, is that thats it now, all our 'harder' games are done (and lost), we get a result at Wembley on Saturday, then Kozzer and Ozzer return for the rest of the campaign, Everton fall away due to their tough'ish games, and we somehow bumble through and win enough of ours to finish 4th, and hope Man U don't somehow sneak the CL.

Anyone know how it came to this?

Anyway, trying not to be negative, and Rambo is joining us trying to rouse some positivity, he said: "We have to pick ourselves back up now. We have still got a lot of points to play for. We are in the semi-final of the FA Cup so we have got to put things right. We have to put a strong run-in together now. We have five games left and we will aim to win them all to give us the best opportunity to finish fourth or higher. I think Everton still have a few difficult games but then again every game is difficult in this league. So many teams can upset each other so we will have to be aware of that, concentrate on ourselves and just play for the remaining 15 points..."

Johan Djour-off.
Johan Djourou will join Hamburg on a permanent basis after the Germans triggered his release clause. Bye then. When's his leaving do, anyone know? Akers is on about Walkabout down Charing Cross road next Tuesday night followed by a curry, but who knows with that boy?

So, its back to FA Cup action this weekend, taking the pressure off of our downward spiral somewhat. However, if you fancy a flutter on who will win the league, then check out these outright Premier League odds...

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