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Professors Sports Picks Offers Players Above Average Success Rate With Sports Predictions

In the world of sports betting and handicapping it can be difficult to know whether or not advice is trustworthy. Finding a sports service that is both honorable and profitable is every investor’s and sports fan’s dream. Professors Picks offers sports bettors peace of mind, and implemented a guarantee system in order to help allay any concerns. If clients don’t make money after following Professors Picks’ sports picks, its packages are completely free.

Professors Picks is run by five partners, all of whom must be in agreement before they publish their sports selections. This requirement for a consensus clearly contributes towards the group’s high winning percentage. They are experienced statisticians using formula-based methods that have proved successful over time. An average success rate of more than 70% makes this company one of the most successful NFL and college football sports pickers in the industry.

“With over 11 years of sports betting experience, our sports handicappers have proven to be a profitable service in the sports industry,” says Professor Picks. “We offer only "guaranteed" sports winners with every package, or they are free.”

Betting on sports is big business with many firms competing for clients. A success rate of 55-57% is considered top class and will guarantee that clients make money over time. At any rate higher than that, making money should be a sure thing. Many people betting on sports teams fail to consider the overall spread of their investment in relation to their winnings. A sports picks package that can reliably produce 70% guarantees a good rate of return overall. With many websites offering free advice in different sports, professional sports pickers and handicappers must provide a guaranteed, impressive ROI that justifies the cost of their advice.

Professors Picks offers its clients a variety of packages and promotions with easy online payments. Its past records are available on its website so that potential investors can verify the success rate of previous predictions, and can be seen here. The company offers an NFL Full Season Sports Package in addition to a College Football Full Season Sports Package. It promises investors A+ customer service, as well as a guaranteed ROI. Those who doubt its claims can check out the complete sports pick history online.

The company offers a range of packages starting at just $45 for a 1 day trial and offering many combinations up to as much as $3000 for 1 year worth of VIP sports picks – its investor package. Players can find the right package for them, depending on their financial status and requirements. After selecting a package, they receive their picks instantly by email.

For more information or to choose a sports picks package, click here. To keep up with the company’s latest news and commentary, follow them on Twitter @ProfessorsPicks.

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